Arrietty, a Story of Love, and Trust, and Friendship


I loved it, loved it, and loved it! Did I mention I loved it?

My kids have been waiting for the release of this film and it didn’t disappoint. Studio Ghibli has produced another visually stunning film that focuses on far deeper issues than your average Disney Princess trash. This film is a work of art, a painting of a moment in time shared by a dying child and a fairy. This is what I imagine a REAL fairy would be like. They call themselves Borrowers. For years I’ve thought there were little people stealing things from my dresser, my bathroom counters, and my kitchen cupboards. Now I know it’s TRUE. Ever drop something on the floor, go to retrieve it and it’s completely disappeared? Well, now I can say the Borrowers took it.

In true Ghibli fashion, the setting was breathtaking. In Kiki’s Delivery Service we got to see what the ocean side looks like from the height of a flying broom, in Howl’s Moving Castle we got to see the wide and majestic mountainscapes that remind me of secret meadows I’ve discovered while hiking the Rocky Mountains. In Arrietty, the scene is a simple cottage garden, but from the point of view of the Fae, it’s an entire world. The detail is truly amazing, right down to the brown spots on the English Ivy.

As I mentioned, this is the story of a boy who has come to rest at his family’s cottage because he is suffering a terrible heart condition and awaiting surgery. Living in their own little nook of the house is a family of Borrowers. The story is very sweet as the two protagonists develop a caring relationship which breaks the bonds of fear and prejudice between the species of Human “Bean” and “Borrower”. The film tackles the subject of death and depicts family love and support during times of hardship and struggle.

I thought the voices were wonderful. Carol Burnett was  hilarious as the protagonist, Hara, and the music was magical. I think I’m going to have to buy the soundtrack.

This is a story about love, and trust and friendship. You can’t get a children’s story any better than that.

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