Bronies, Please Explain?


There is a quickly growing subculture of men between the ages of oh, say 13 and 40 who are fans of the show “My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.” My 14 son confessed his secret passion to us one day, in the manner of one confessing to a secret that he wasn’t quite sure how we were going to react. You know that way, there were sideways comments, dropped hints, secret looks to see if I was going to either ridicule or disown him. Finally he just came out with it. Told us he was a Brony and since then he’s been visiting the pink isle at Walmart without  shame.

(This is a youtube video of a Brony basing his school physics project on “My Little Pony”. Brave kid. Got good marks too apparently.)

I watched “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic”  a couple of times. Just to see what the fuss was about. Yes, it is cute, and certainly there are good messages about treating others with respect, and being true to who you are etc. But I’m still left scratching my head. Why is it attracting the audience it does? They are a fiercely loyal audience too. I’ve even heard rumors that not only Bill Clinton is a Brony, but that so is president Obama.

I’ve asked my son to put into words why he is so enamored with what is created as a small children’s program that would probably appeal mostly to little girls but being the typical 14-year-old boy all he  tells me is “Because it’s AWESOME.”

So if there are any Bronies out there in my readership, I’d really appreciate it if you would use the comment spaces and give me your point of view. What is the attraction? Why are you a “Brony”?

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  2. As a 13 year old boy, I can testify that it is in fact, awesome. The main reason for ‘bronydom’ is the community. Sure, the animations good and the voice acting incredible, but the brony community is incredible. There are pony forums, pony radio stations, and pretty much everything else. Lauren Faust has spoken to the bronies on several occasions, and Steven Colbert even made a “shout-out” to the bronies. The creators of MlP:FiM are all aware of the bronies and have even made edits to the show at bronies requests. Characters like “Derpy Whooves” and my favourite, “Doctor Whooves” pretty much exist because of popular demand from the bronies.

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