Snow White’s New Image, Serious Badassery


Hollywood seems to sink its pointy little teeth into something and suddenly you see that topic everywhere in all kinds of forms. For a while it was witches, then it was magical books and treasure hunts, then it was Grim Reapers, Vampires of course have a separate band wagon of their own, but now the most recent hot trend is updating fairy tales.  We’re not talking your ordinary Disneyfied versions either. These new takes on the old stories are more in keeping with the true darkness of the original Grimm stories.

Currently there are two very popular fairy tale based television series. One is the series Grimm starring David Giuntoli as an actual descendant of the famous brothers, and his sidekick, played by Silas Weir Mitchell , Munroe is definitely my favorite in this show. How can you not love a vegetarian wolf?

The other, equally popular program, and the one I really want to examine in this article is Once Upon A Time starring Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White, alias Mary Margaret Blanchard, Jennifer Morrison as the daughter of Snow White (even though she doesn’t know it) Emma Swan, and Lana Parrilla as the evil queen / mayor Regina Mills. Here is a show with some really strong female characters. I love the way this show pokes fun at the traditional versions of these characters.

Not only does this Snow whack bluebirds with a broom, she tarnishes her stereotypical virginal white reputation by turning Paperbag Princess. First she rescues her prince, hasan affair with him when he’s already married, then dumps him when said prince charming lies to both women involved. Not only that, but she battles trolls, attempts to kill the Queen and is accused of murdering her lover’s wife.

I love complicated characters and Lana Parrilla as the Queen / mayor of Storybrook is delightfully evil but not without her reasons. You can almost sympathize with her at times.

She doesn’t start out as evil, but this poor woman is so neglected and heartbroken that revenge is the only option left. Once she’s tasted that power however, nobody is safe, not even her doting old father. She does try her hand at redemption by adopting a child, who turns out to be Snow’s abandoned grandson, and she truly seems to love this kid though he tries her patience at every turn. If she really were as evil as “all that” I think she would have locked this kid in his room and started pushing poison apples through a hole in the door a long time ago.

Not only do we have this most excellent television version of Snow White we also have two movie versions being released. The first is “Mirror, Mirror” directed by Tarsem Singh and starring Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts. I haven’t actually seen this film but it just looks silly to me so let’s move on.

The second is Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart, Chris Helmsworth, and Charlize Theron. This is not your five-year old’s Snow White. This version is super dark and looks like it ROCKS!

This is a female version of Aragorn, first fleeing for her life, fighting monsters, then uniting the people in an ultimate battle for freedom from tyranny.

I’m not sure Kristin Stewart was the right choice for this film but I’m willing to give her a chance to redeem herself for starring in Twilight. (Snow White and the Huntsman is in theatres June 1.)

It’s nice to see Snow White become more than just another one dimensional pretty face in an ivory tower waiting for some prince to rescue her.

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