If a Fat Girl Falls in a Forest, Do the Trees Laugh? The ABSURDITY of Misogyny and Racism


“If a Fat Girl Falls in a Forest, Do the Trees Laugh?”

I saw this bumper sticker on the back of a red neck’s truck today.  I knew he was a red neck because of the blue balls he had hanging off the trailer hitch. Honestly, I don’t get that. You’d think if a guy wasn’t getting any he wouldn’t want to be advertising it to everyone on the back of his truck.

Some critics reviewing the movie “Hunger Games” have criticized Jennifer Lawrence for being too fat to play the part of Katniss.

Can you believe it? The girl is 5’ 7” and 120 lbs.  Isn’t that just a little ironic given a large portion of the story is dedicated to the absurd fascination we have with appearances and what lengths we will go to in order to live up to these moronicly impossible standards of beauty set by … who sets them? Fashion designers? Magazine moguls? Movie stars?  “society” in general? To call this beautiful, healthy young woman fat is just, well, ABSURD!

Dr. Who on our ABSURD obsession with “thinness” 

There been some very ugly comments flying around the net regarding the race of some of the characters in the movie.



Rue is black and she’s also a beautiful, sweet, and talented little girl

When, when, when will people ever learn that cruelty, and hatred only leads to more cruelty and hatred? When will we all understand how ABSURD it is to base our behavior and our actions and our happiness on appearances?

Effie Trinket is ABSURD

The misogynistic “War on Women” embodied by The Rush Limbaugh Debacle and the very sad Tayvon Martin incident are opening flood gates of change. People who stand for love and equality are speaking out. It’s unfortunate but when standing up for change and for what is morally right, there is a rebound action. I think we will see a lot more ugliness the louder we get. We just have to believe that with three steps forward and two steps back those of us who believe in what is right and just will slowly make progress.

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  1. Forget Avian flu. We really have an epidemic of the stupid virus. I know every epidemic needs a patient zero, but too many people seem to fit the profile. The stories flying out of the film are awful and just plain sad. Can you imagine the young girl with a breakthrough role like Rue hearing about this stuff?

    Wow, things seem to go backwards in this new century.

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