“A Little Less Douche” Lessons from the “Daly Show”


I thought my life would seem more interesting with a musical score and a laugh track.
Bill Watterson

If there’s one thing I really enjoy, it’s people who can laugh at themselves.

The Daly show, a Web show created and written by Ben Shelton and starring Tim Daly (Private Practice) and his son, Sam Daly (Red Tails) is a satirical look at a father and son relationship within the context of living the celebrity / sex symbol lifestyle.  Not only does Tim instruct his son in the fine arts of both acting and manhood, he shows him how to do it with just a “little less douch” baggery.  And what is the result of these lessons in life? Well, in all comedic irony, MORE douche baggery!

This web show opens that window of opportunity for Tim Daly (Wings) to return to the genre in which he really shines; comedy. Sam Daly, is equally funny dealing with his eccentric father on a day to day basis, his father never fails to shock him and his perpetual look of stunned incredulity is brilliant.

The Daly Show has attracted various big name celebrity guest stars that I applaud for pokiing fun at themselves and being just “a little less douche”. These stars include: Taye Diggs, Amy Brenneman, Nathan Fillion, and most recently, Whoopie Goldberg.

Just as an aside, here is my comprehensive, yet not entirely exhaustive, list of people who could really benefit from watching and learning from the Daly’s.   Feel free to add to the list in the comments section.

 People who need to be “a little less douche.”

Rick Perry

Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich

Rush Limbaugh

Pat Robertson

 “Maybe we need a very small nuke thrown off on Foggy Bottom to shake things up” –Pat Robertson, on nuking the State Department

Donald Trump

Geraldo Rivera

Ann Coulter

Crazy Ann Coulter

”Liberals hate America, they hate flag-wavers, they hate abortion opponents, they hate all religions except Islam, post 9/11. Even Islamic terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do. They don’t have the energy. If they had that much energy, they’d have indoor plumbing by now.”

—Ann Coulter, in her book ”Slander”

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