Girls Episode 1 Review. Sorry, it Ain’t Pretty


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HBO’s new half hour sit com “Girls” is being described by critics as everything from “fresh and funny” to “unsettling” and “awkward but honest”. I think the word for it is “disappointing”.

After watching the trailer for this program and doing a review for it as a guest blogger on another website, I had some high hopes for this show. I thought maybe we would finally get some good strong female characters who would really show the world what young women are made of. Well, it was not to be unfortunately.

Some of the critics are calling these characters “flawed”. Bridget Jones is flawed. Allie McBeal is flawed, even Snow White is flawed. Flawed implies that while they have room for growth, they’re still likeable.  There is nothing likeable about these characters, they’re just annoying and more than that, they’re just downright damaged.

Hannah (Lena Dunham), aspiring writer, two years out of college and still in the midst of an unpaid internship, is told over dinner that her parents will no longer be supporting her financially. Panic ensues as she realizes, OMG that she may actually have to get a job at McDonalds to cover her rent! (Do you hear them yet? The violins? I know I’m playing the world’s smallest one.) Her mother (Becky Ann Baker),  is the only likeable character in the show because she’s the only one with any kind of back bone who refuses to continue to enable her self absorbed, dependant, daughter. Hannah’s father (Peter Scolari) on the other hand,  is a wimpy push over who “doesn’t like to see his little girl suffer” when she collapses on the floor in a fit of self pity after drinking a cup of opium tea. Really? Come on! I don’t know ANY forty something fathers who coddle their children THIS badly!

Marnie, Hannah’s roommate, who at first glance appears to be the most stable of the group, has problems of her own. She has a boyfriend who adores her ( and is a hottie to boot), but she doesn’t want him. What’s up with that?  (I smell  secret self loathing going on here). In the opening scenes we find Marnie snuggling up to Hannah in bed in the morning instead of her sweet little dark haired honey. Later the girls are in the tub …. together, Marnie is covered with a towel and shaving her legs while Hannah complains that Marnie never lets her see her naked. Huh. Maybe that’s a hint. Self destructive AND gay? Nice.

Speaking of self destructive self loathing, there is a horribly misogynistic sex scene between Hannah and her “boyfriend” in which he basically tells her to bend over and take it in the ass…  and she does. She at least shows some gumption by telling him that she doesn’t enjoy it “that way” but then she ruins that small bit of assertiveness by making sure he’s not mad at her and then she tries to “make it up” to him in other sexual ways. After he’s done he insults her tatoos AND her weight. And the cherry on top is that before she leaves, she thanks him for the good time. WTF?!

Next we have Jessa, supposedly worldly and got it goin on, hippy chick (Jemima Kirke) who returns from her free spirited globetrotting escapade with a little bohemian bun in the oven. I suppose she’s there to teach us all that free love actually comes with a price tag? I wonder if she’ll have a state forced trans-vaginal ultra sound.

We briefly met Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) who is Jessa’s roommate. So far all we know about Shoshanna is that she worships the ground Jessa walks on. This character is touted as some kind of innocent, farmgirl, feminist? Thinking about where this is leading just frightens me.

And you male twenty somethings? Well it certainly doesn’t paint you in a very positive light, lazy, mean, rude, sexually selfish…  and generally just not too bright.

Hannah (Lena Dunham) calls herself the “voice of her generation”; I guess this might be true if you think today’s young adults are ego centric losers with a sense of entitlement. Yes as a forty something I have a few beefs with the twenty somethings of this generation, but I still think they’re a whole sight better than THIS.

“Girls” makes an attempt to poke some tongue in cheek fun at its own generation, while possibly trying to deliver some kind of message, but if I were 20 something  I’d just be insulted.

Judd Appatow, after quality programing like “Freaks ‘n Geeks“, you oughtta be ashamed of yourself.

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