Top Five Weirdest Music Videos of All Time


While visiting family in Calgary, I got into a pissing contest with my 14-year-old nephew over the age-old generational argument, music. Only this competition had a bit of a twist that we never had with our parents or them with their parents. This friendly sparring was over the question “what was the “weirdest” music video you’ve ever seen?” My nephew came up with one that was just downright creepy, and the other was what I told him was well, boring. When it comes to “weird” videos,  you can’t compete with a child of the ‘80’s because quite simply, we invented them.

Number 5

The first video I presented to him was one that actually I consider not only strange, but one of the coolest videos of all time:

“Just” by Radiohead.

My nephew’s reaction was the same as mine when I first saw this, “Oh man! What did he say?” I remember watching this over and over trying to lip read and then finally giving up and coming up with my own theories regarding world destruction and possible alien invasion.

Number 4

The second video I found for him was…

Don’t Come Around Here No More” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  (Sorry, this one you’ll have to watch an ad for)

I actually actively disliked this video at the time because it was so creepifying, but now that the ‘80’s are over I’m kind of fond of it for nostalgic reasons… except for the cake part, that’s still  creepifying. My nephew had to agree that it was pretty darn weird but then he came up with something that almost rivaled in the strange and bizarre:

It was time to break out my “ace in the hole”…

Number 3


Queen, “I Want to Break Free

My nephew’s reaction? “Ok, THAT was really weird! If I was to try to explain this video to someone, I wouldn’t even be able to do it!”

Can it get any better than a Betty Rubble wig, and Madonna boobs? What is with the Jersey Cow people all in a big pile? I really don’t know, but I honestly and truly LOVE Freddy Mercury and even though this is on my list of all time weirdest videos, it’s also on my list of favorites!

My nephew pretty much conceded defeat after this but I have a couple more that I have since posted to him on Facebook.

Number 2

Didn’t you Kill my Brother?” by Alexei Sayle

I love the dancing suits.

Yes, these videos are all pretty smeggin’ weird, but NOTHING can top what is up next. Nope, it wasn’t even made in the ‘80’s. Are you ready for it? Brace yourself…..


Well, if you can top that, I’d sure like to see it!

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  1. You missed one or ten. This ranks right up there except that the music that goes with it is as awesome as the video is weird.

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