The Liebster Award


For ME? (blink, blink, blink in Bug in Bunny fashion)

I would like to thank my new online friend Fatima of for this award! I know my friend from Stacks and Ranges follows a number of blogs so I’m quite flattered that she would choose my blog to award.

As a new blogger, one of the things I have really enjoyed in this quest for online verbosity is meeting other bloggers with similar interests.

Apparently the Liebster Award is a way of supporting other new bloggers with fewer followers, in recognition of their efforts and to promote and circulate their little known, but great work. Part of the award is to “pay it forward” by passing the award to five other “smaller” blogs, and linking them to your own blog.

As a newbie, I really don’t know how to tell how many followers a blog has so I’m just going to “go for it” and post my list of favorites and assume they have less than 200 followers.

1. First on my list is my dear friend Jen who writes Pardon my Chemobrain . Her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer not long after they were married and this is a record of her daily roller coaster ride. She is the physical embodiment of love, strength and determination. You ROCK Jen, really and truely!

2. The next is my online friend Steve Steve Taylor-Bryant whom I “met” through twitter. Steve is a writer and a fellow “geek”. His blog contains personal stories of inspiration as well as reviews on the latest geeky news, particularly when it comes to his absolute favorite, Dr. Who. Steve knows more about the good Doctor than anybody else I’ve ever come across.

3. Next is Cynthia Beard Cynthia’s blog was recommended to my by a friend on Facebook. I don’t know how many followers Cynthia has now, but her blog is wonderfully insightful and she writes with a personal depth that I admire.

4. Next is my friend Tracy who writes Trailer Park Karma Tracy is one of those rare online breeds who is a paid writer. It’s not an easy way to make a living that’s for sure. I admire Tracy for her ability to always pull through adversity with grace and dignity.

5. The last blog I want to award is Minimalist Living . I have never had contact with the owner of this blog but in a day and age where over consumerism is at the bottom of ALL of our ills I really believe in what this blog has to say. I don’t know how many followers it has, but not enough in my opinion.

And that’s all folks!

About geekyg1rl

Heather has studied the arts of Tarot, crystal healing and aromatherapy for over 15 years. She is an educator at heart and is excited to be exploring the possibility of sharing her knowledge and experience and is in the process of developing online classes to do so.

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  2. You, my Darling, rock my stripey socks.
    I am beyond honored.

    Stimied regarding the five favorite smaller blogs I will whittle it down to….
    So many decisions….

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