My Top Ten Tear Jerkers: I Always Cry When…


Boromir dies. Yes, yes, I admit it. There are just some movie scenes that never fail to move me. Watching Lord of the Rings again for the umpteenth time was a perfect choice for hunkering down on a rainy day.

People (and by “people” I mean my family) tease me for crying at movies. I’m sure there are many others out there who know what it’s like when they have to take tissues to a movie that they KNOW in advance will make the waters fall.

“Whatever happens… I must… not… cry!”

So what do we do? We don’t like being made fun of, we feel silly that a fictional story will affect us so we practically break our necks trying to hold it in. Then what happens? We choke, our chests hurt, we turn purple and then we screw up our faces and make new wrinkles in our foreheads.

I was reading somewhere recently that people who cry at sad stories aren’t just sympathetic, they are empathic.  Sympathy is a cognitive understanding of why someone might be feeling the way they feel, empathy is the ability to actually feel what others feel.  Why should we be made to feel embarrassed about this? If more people were empathic the world would be a better place. Better yet, if ALL people were empathic there would be utopia! There would be no question over public health care, there would be no animal abuse, there would be no sexual assault, there would be no bullying , there would be no war… the list is endless. So movie cryers unite!

Here you go, my top ten teary scenes for a rainy day, watch and cry unabashedly! :

10. Star Trek: Generations (when the Enterprise crashes)

9.  Spiderman 2 (when he stops the train and is carried and unmasked by the people)

8. Bridge to Tarabithia

7. Titanic (the scene where the mother is telling her children stories in bed)

sorry, couldn’t find clips of this but I’m sure you know the one!

6. Harry Potter (when Hedwig is killed)

5.Lord of the Rings (Boromir defends the Hobbits to the death and says he would have followed Aragorn to the end)

4. Up

3. Star Trek The Wrath of Khan (Death of Spock)

2. Dumbo (baby of mine)

And my number one heart wrenching story is :

  1. The Iron Giant

(ok, just watching this for the POST made me cry…)

I also have to give honorable mention to “Marly and Me” which I have only watched once because it’s just too damn sad, and “Ol Yeller” which I will NEVER watch because I know it would probably kill me.

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