I will be volunteering on Saturday at the Kids Need to Read booth at Space City Con in Houston. I’m reblogging this post to confirm how much I beleive in the importance of the work this organization does! See you at the Con!

Bohemian Geeky Girl

When my daughter was three she could sing the entire “Red Dwarf” theme song. She quotes “Monty Python” skits on a regular basis, she dressed as “Firefly’s” Kaylee at our “Firefly Fundraiser” party and she thinks Abed on “Community” is the coolest guy on TV. When she was six, she didn’t want to dress as a princess for Halloween, she went as Count Olaf as played by Jim Carry in “A Series of Unfortunate Events“… eye tattoo on the ankle, side burns and everything! At ten, she has serious conversations about God and the sanctity of all life. Her social studies project this year is “How Hunger Games Could Become a Reality”. Other kids are doing their projects on dolphins and lions. Pretty cool huh? We think so. Apparently however, the kids at school do not.

My little K is ostracized, excluded and bullied because…

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Heather has studied the arts of Tarot, crystal healing and aromatherapy for over 15 years. She is an educator at heart and is excited to be exploring the possibility of sharing her knowledge and experience and is in the process of developing online classes to do so.

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