Adventures in Geek Home Schooling


So after years of begging, because she just “doesn’t fit in”, I have decided to home school my 11-year-old geeky Whovian daughter. One of the positive things about home schooling her is that she can have conversations with someone who actually speaks the same language.


Today in the car our conversation went something like this:


K: I don’t see how Captain Hammer can wear the same shirt for rescuing people all the time.


Me: Why not? Superman does it.


K: Ya, well Captain Hammer has to wear his regular clothes over top of his shirt so he’s wearing two shirts, don’t you think he’d get all sweaty and smelly?


Me: Superman does too, and he’s even got a cape on!


K: But he’s an alien, he doesn’t sweat the same.


Me: How do you know that?


K: They actually talked about it once on Myth Busters. They did tests on how fast you could get undressed and if you could undress in time and be there to rescue someone.


Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters PICT8943

Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters PICT8943 (Photo credit: Erik.Nielsen.Photos)


Me: And what did they find?


K: That you couldn’t do it.


Me: Well, I don’t see how they can do that. Superman is an alien, you can’t put him on the same scale as humans. He’s got super speed, so their test isn’t valid.


K: I know, right?….(pause) …. Don’t you think this is a conversation that Sheldon and Leonard would have?




Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard Hofstadter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

















Me: Yup.


It’s so great having someone to talk “Geek” with!




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