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Does it Have to be Pink?


One of my best friends, her favorite color is pink.  Not that there’s anything WRONG with that!

Several years ago now I earned my first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I haven’t gone to classes for years, but I do like to use the skills I learned to beat up my punching bag as part of my regular exercise routine.  I had been using my big red sparring gloves, I tore them to bits so scarfed my husband’s sparring gloves which were way to big and resulted in scraped knuckles.

I decided to make a trip to the Academy sports store to purchase a pair of smaller, fingerless “box gloves” more appropriate to working out with a heavy bag.  I spent about five minutes looking a several styles and brand names all laid out nicely on the wall, searching for a size, style, and price range that would suit me.  It wasn’t long before a sales rep joined me in the search.  We had to weed through about twenty-five or thirty different varieties to to find two styles  in a women’s size. What color do you think those two pairs were? Bingo! They were pink. Not only were neither of those styles what I was looking for ( I wanted something a little longer in finger to protect my already raw knuckles) but when I’m working out daily frustration, feeling mean, and I really want to “go Buffy” on that bag,  I just can’t do it in pink gloves.

The clerk helped me pick through several more pairs of men’s gloves in a size small that were still too big for me. He told me that women’s gloves were “just not that available”. He explained to me how ridiculous this really is since the MAJORITY of the customers coming in to purchase box gloves were WOMEN. Women are taking kickboxing, tae kwon do, tae bo, all types of martial arts and self-defense classes.

In the end, I chose a pair of gloves by Century.  They are a men’s small / medium and they are still too big but at least they have a wraparound piece on the bottom secured by Velcro so I can tighten them around my wrist.

They come down over my knuckles the way I want, but if they didn’t have that wrap at the bottom I wouldn’t have purchased them for one simple reason. They smell. Honestly, they have the weirdest, odor, kind of like moth balls. I can hardly stand to breathe through my nose when I use them and I make absolutely certain to replace them in the zippered plastic package because if I leave them out they smell up the whole room.

Taking a slight tangent, today on Facebook I came across this video posted by George Takei . (George, I love you for being so vocal!)

This led me to Anita Sarkeesian’s website:  . I would write more about her here, but instead I am going to strongly encourage you, (whoever may actually find and read my small blog in this huge bloggy sea) to actually visit her site and look for yourselves. I especially suggest that you take a look at her reviews entitled “Lego and Gender” parts 1 and 2. Most excellent work Ms. Sarkeesian.

Does it really have to be PINK?

Are there NO women in marketing?