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An Open Letter to William Shatner; Why I am Boycotting Houston Space City Con


July 9, 2015


Dear Mr. Shatner,

I was SO excited to hear that you would be attending this year’s Space City Comic Con in Houston Texas this year! I grew up in a Star Trek household, and have been a fan since I played the role of Captain Kirk in fifth grade when the backstop was my Enterprise. As a fellow Canadian living in Houston I thought I would finally get to meet my idol. This is why it breaks my heart to say that I won’t be there. Make no mistake, this was NOT an easy decision, but I decided in good conscience that I could not do it. I made this decision upon hearing on good authority that the Space City Con failed to remit payment to my favorite charity, the Kids Need to Read program, which is sponsored by my other favorite Canadian Captain, Nathan Fillion. The Kids Need to Read program was the charity being supported by the Space City Con, monies were collected in the name of this charity and were not forwarded as promised. I was devastated to hear this news when I found out that the charity was not participating in the con because of this issue.

So Mr Shatner, it is with great sadness in my heart that I will not come to meet you, and it will probably be my last chance to do so.

Blessings to you, and love you!


Your greatest Canadian Fan,


Heather Kaminski

Just another day in Geek Homeschool

Howard Wolowitz

Howard Wolowitz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh I do love having these conversations with my awesomely geeky daughter! I think we’re going to have to work on a script!

Me: Don’t you think it would be cool if Howard dressed up as “Moist” for Halloween?

K: That would be so cool ! They could ALL go to the comic book store dressed as Dr. Horrible characters!

Me: Ya, ’cause you know they’ve already done the Justice League stuff. Who would be Dr Horrible? Sheldon probably!

K: YA! And Penny could be …. Penny!  Who would be Captain Hammer?

Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

Penny (The Big Bang Theory) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Me: Penny’s ex-boyfriend, what’s his name?

K: Zack! Ya that would be good. But who could the others be?

Me: Well, Raj could be Bad Horse!

K: LOL! Ya! He’d be all “I don’t wanna be Bad Horse! That’s as bad as Aquaman!”

K: Then Amy and Bernadette and Leonard can be the fan club!

Leonard Hofstadter

Me: You know Leonard is going to want to be Captain Hammer!

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

K: Ya! I know right! That would be so funny! And then! Then they can all go to the comic book store! And Nathan Fillion can be the guest star and he can be gaming at the Comic Book store! That would be so cool!


Geek Homeschool really rocks!

Nathan Fillion at the 2005 Serenity "flan...

Nathan Fillion at the 2005 Serenity “flanvention”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So “King of the Nerds” Crowns a Queen!




Really TBS?

Granted I didn’t watch all of this first season of “King of the Nerds”, but when my daughter saw that yes, girls can play too, (which of course is a PLUS for the show)… she did ask me why the show is called KING of the Nerds.  When a girl actually WON the show, she again asked me why they didn’t call  her QUEEN. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a QUEEN crowned KING since the Egyptians crowned Hatshepsut  Pharaoh somewhere around 1479 BC.


As far as “reality” shows go, this one’s not TOO bad. The TBS show hosted  by Revenge of the Nerd  celebs Robert Carradine


Toronto ComiCon 2012 - Robert Carradine

Toronto ComiCon 2012 – Robert Carradine (Photo credit: TonyFelgueiras)


and Curtis Armstrong and the competitors varied from NASA employees to comic book experts and video game fanatics. What I liked about the show is that I thought  these contestants are genuine, real, likable PEOPLE. I’m more than a little tired of seeing plumped up lips, inflated boobs and small dogs being carried in designer purses. I also liked the fact that it was pretty evenly matched between men and women. I’m not sure about the ending though. It seemed to come down ultimately to a “prom queen” popularity contest which seems somewhat ironic. Granted I DID think Celeste was a kinder person and if she is serious about  getting out there and being a spokesperson with kids then she may be a better choice. HOWEVER Genevieve DID work her butt off and she pulled through in many a challenge. A really bright girl, but just not as personable. (At least that is how the situation is painted for us viewers. Who knows the “reality” behind the “reality” show.


Toronto ComiCon 2012 - Curtis Armstrong

Toronto ComiCon 2012 – Curtis Armstrong (Photo credit: TonyFelgueiras)


So anyway, it’s a cute enough show that actually seems to celebrate nerdom I don’t mind tuning into for the fun of it and I think with a second season in the works it’ll really take off.  I just think if the competition involves both men and women they should have called it something else. Maybe next year they’ll turn the tables and call the show “Queen of the Nerds” and it’ll be won by a guy?


He’s Baaaaaack! JR Ewing; He’s Back and He’s Bad!


1980. Where were you when JR was shot? Oh ya! Glued to the TV and waiting all through the summer to find out the answer to TV’s first trendsetting cliff hanger!

English: Larry Hagman attending the "Nigh...

English: Larry Hagman attending the “Night of 100 Stars” for the 82nd Academy Awards viewing party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA on March 7, 2010 – Photo by Glenn Francis of (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was sitting at the theatre one hot day in Houston, patiently watching the ads that I pay for, when the music hit me. “I KNOW that music! OH MY GOD! It’s DALLAS!” I nearly jumped out of my seat with a standing ovation at the end of the ad. I don’t THINK I was the only person applauding, but I have to admit I was so damn excited that I really didn’t pay any attention to what other patrons were doing. Maybe what they were ACTUALLY doing was looking at me like I’d just tipped out of my rocker….

I’ll admit it. I was in Jr. High (1980) the year JR was shot by an unknown assailant.  My entire family had to be home to tune in every week to watch JR and Bobby in their eternal struggle of good vs evil. My dad found a cartoon in the newspaper: The unmasking of “Darth Vader”, guess who was the face under the black mask of evil? JR Ewing of course! HA! We stuck that one on our fridge.  I wore my “I Shot JR” button every day that summer, and even the Queen of England waited with bated breath for the season opener that would answer that question.  90 million American viewers tuned in along with her to have the answer. This record was beaten only by the last episode of M.A.S.H in 1983. Internationally, DALLAS still holds the record for most watched episode with 360 MILLION viewers tuned in. That’s TV history, baby! So was I excited to learn that it was coming back on the air? YOU BET I WAS!

Initially, It worried me that the old characters, JR (Larry Hagman), Bobby (Patrick Duffy), and Sue Ellen (Linda Grey) would only be used as a bridge to the next generation then would fade out quickly as the show progressed. I mean really and truly, DALLAS just wouldn’t be DALLAS without JR and Larry Hagman’s BRILLIANT portrayal of evil incarnate. (I just love how the older he gets, the crazier his eyebrows get. It’s hard to believe he’s the same guy who played the lovable astronaut in “I Dream of Jeanie” so many years ago.) It seems after three episodes however, that my fears were (hopefully) unfounded. It seems the story line is evolveing in such a way that the Ewing first generation will be sticking around for a while. They are integral to the plot… which is of course, battling royally over the rights to Southfork, and oil. (I mean what else would it be about? It is Texas after all!)

The original cast of Dallas. Clockwise from to...

The original cast of Dallas. Clockwise from top right are: Larry Hagman (in cowboy hat), Linda Gray, Jim Davis, Charlene Tilton, Victoria Principal, Patrick Duffy, and Barbara Bel Geddes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was also worried that this new generation wouldn’t be able to measure up. Well, it seems those fears are unfounded as well. John Ross (Josh Henderson of “Desperate Housewives” and a real Dallas(ian) ) is just as devious as a chip off the old block. He soon finds out though, that he still needs more lessons in deviousness and taking on dear old dad in a battle concerning oil just may be a fatal mistake. I can’t help but feel that JR is rather proud of his son’s attempt to cut him out of billions of barrels of oil, though so watch and learn John Ross, watch and learn! Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe… Desperate Housewives… again) is just as soft and left-wing as old Bobby, even if he isn’t “of the blood”, a fact his cousin so loves to keep reminding him. Different than Bobby though, his need to prove himself as Ewing, gives him a sharper edge that Bobby never had.

Bobby’s new wife, Ann (Brenda Strong… Desperate Housewives… Wisteria Lane moves to Southfork) , is an interesting addition to the family. Texan to the core I wouldn’t be surprised to bump into Ann in Wal-Mart purchasing pink rifles as Christmas presents. (As a Canuck now living in Texas, I have a culturally more informed perspective than I used to….) It’s wide open for the return of Pamela (Victoria Principal) however, as all we know about her character is that she abandoned Bobby and young Christopher for who knows where… just anywhere JR wasn’t I’m sure.  Pamela’s brother, Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), however makes an appearance and the scene between himself, JR and Bobby is priceless.  Three old buggers who swear they will be dancing on each other’s graves. They’ll be fighting in hell when the time comes, probably arguing over who has the rights to the brimstone.

Now I look forward to Wednesdays. Never thought I’d say that….

Top Ten Reasons why Lori Grimes needs to be Whacked


(Spoiler alert. If you didn’t see the season finale, numbers 3 and 2 are not for you!)

I love the show, but quite honestly, I actually don’t LIKE many of the characters. I think Daryl would  be the only character I’d shed a tear for. Of all the characters left to us, though the one I most want to see made into pate’ for Zombies is Lori. Here are my top ten reasons to slice and dice her:

10. First thing she did was play the damsel in distress and jump into bed with the Alpha male for protection.  Loser.

9. Speaking of protection, she obviously wasn’t using any.

8.  If Andrea’s a good shot, she SHOULD be defending the camp and not made to feel guilty about not doing the dishes. What century is this again?

7. If you’re going to go to all the trouble of secretly getting abortion pills, you DON’T leave them out on the table for your husband to find!  Not too bright.

6. There are zombies out there for crissake!   What kind of mother loses track of her kid EVERY DAY during a zombie apocalypse? She’s not even drunk or playing bingo.

5. Rick asked her opinion THREE TIMES on what to do with that kid in the barn. Her reaction “whatever you think is best honey!” (MAJOR EYE ROLLING going on here now.)

4. She’s a terrible cook. Did you see that chicken she brought up to Beth? Ew. Poor girl would rather die than eat Lori’s cooking.

3. She’s a horrible shot. I don’t think she got a single zombie in that herd, and they were so thick you could have hit them with a carny rifle.  (You know, the kind at the midway used to shoot little red stars out of paper? They’re so off  you couldn’t hit Godzilla with one of those.)

2. “Kill Shane, Rick! He’s dangerous, Rick! “  “EW! You killed Shane Rick! You repulse me, Rick!” She’s mental!

1. She’s too skinny. She’s half zombified already.

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming


Some years ago I picked up George R.R. Martin’s much beloved by many, “Game of Thrones” admittedly I had a hard time getting through it. It’s a complicated, multi layered piece involving what seems like hundreds of characters. It just didn’t make for light tub time reading at the end of a busy day. If memory serves, I didn’t finish it. (I now hang my head in shame.)

The excitement surrounding HBO’s adaptation rekindled my interest so I tuned in. I was quickly mesmerized by the period sets, realistic costumes, settings that varied from mountainous to desert landscapes not to mention a fantastic cast. This was a huge production worthy of the big screen, definitely “Lord of the Rings” caliber. Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss do fantastic work with this overwhelmingly epic production.  This reminds me of being completely captivated with Kenneth Branagh’s “Henry V” in the same manner. It’s wonderful when movies and television can bring a whole new depth and meaning to a story when so often movie making has the opposite effect.

Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Boromir) is perfectly cast as Ned Stark, head of the Stark family of Winterfell. The Stark family is the heart of the story, and honestly, there are so many of them (Starks) it would take pages to describe them all. Lena Headey (300, Sarah Connor Chronicles) is captivating as the role of the complicated Queen, Cercei Lannister and Peter Dinklage, he just steals every scene he’s in as the most misunderstood character in history, Tyrion Lannister.

When the show finished its first season it just wasn’t enough for me. I returned to the novels. What better recommendation for a television series or movie than to say it encourages people to read?

“Game of Thrones” season two will be aired on April 1 2012. War is Coming!

The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead

I’ve never been a big fan of zombies. It’s just not my corner of the pop culture world. So when my husband and my son started watching The Walking Dead based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, last season I just kind of rolled my eyes and resigned myself to reading in the bedroom.  They didn’t start watching the series when it first aired on October 31 of 2010, they actually needed  to watch two or three a night until they were caught up to the current episode.  Hiding in the bedroom I could of course still hear the screams of victims and the groans of the cursed through the walls. I found that occasionally, when I emerged from my sanctuary I was inexorably drawn to the drama in front of me, lingering over a glass of water in the kitchen watching the macabre scenes through the kitchen door. Eventually I just caved and my family agreed to start watching the entire series from the beginning again so that I could watch with them. Of course my son couldn’t resist an “I told you so. I told you it was good, see?”.  Yup, I was good and hooked.

I still don’t consider myself a huge fan of the zombie genre so what is it exactly that draws me to this show? Zombies themselves are so ridiculous. Really! You can’t take them seriously but what you can take seriously is the human drama, the character development, the relationships, and the story lines developing in the face of an apocalyptic event. The zombies are the comic relief.

I think I like this show for many of the same reasons I liked Battlestar Galactica. It asks the big question: What defines humanity?  The stories explore both the politics and moral issues involved in survival. Is it a simple fact of our biology that we are human? Perhaps it’s our capacity as emotional beings to feel love, remorse and regret? Or is it our values and our morals that make us what we are? When faced with the actions required for survival do we lose our own humanity?

I was excited when the show started up again for its third season. Now unfortunately though I’ve got to wait all week for the next one.

I wonder how you get to be an extra on that show?