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Entertainment Weekly Article: Behind Every Superhero, There’s a Woman Without Much to Do


It’s not a long,  in-depth expose’ but it’s an article that strikes a chord because it’s true. Entertainment Weekly writers Adam Carlson, Samantha Highfill, and Grady Smith hit the nail square on the head. “… most actresses in comic-book movies are still stuck with flimsy parts while the dudes save the world.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that thought myself.EW2

The article goes on to examine eight leading ladies. They report what their roles are, how much time they clock in for each film, whether they fall in love with the hero, whether they need  saving by the hero, and asks the question “do they scream and cry a lot”? (I loved that one! Course I think Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale in “Batman”, 1989 holds the record for most number of minutes screamed by a damsel in distress….) The average screen time for these eight actresses is paltry 25 minutes, all eight of them fall for the hero, five out of the eight screamed and cried a lot, and they ALL were saved by the hero.

We need a HEROINE!

Where’s Buffy? Apparently that project’s  on permanent hold and rightly so without Joss Whedon there to lead it!

What about Batwoman? Now that might be interesting! Is the world ready for an openly gay superhero on the Big Screen? Hm.

Here’s an idea… How about Catwoman? Anne Hathaway‘s version of the slinky feline was pretty darn cool! I didn’t hear any screaming and crying, and she even had time for some thrilling heroics! According to this Huffington Post article Ms Hathaway would be more than willing to return in the role. Maybe if we said “pretty please” Christopher Nolan would change his mind.

It seems that if we want strong female characters we have to turn to the small screen. Since they’ve done away with Laurie, The Walking Dead  ROCKS with great writing for female characters! Michonne played by  Danai Gurira kicks some serious zombie butt, Maggie played by Lauren Cohan is one of the strongest women on T.V right now, and Andrea, played by Laurie Holden just might end up saving the whole Grimey Gang from the evil Governor! (I DO hope that the writers choose to have her save HERSELF from her current situation. After everything Andrea has been through I’d be VERY upset if they chose to have her “rescued” by a male character, especially …. Milton?!)

Pixar‘s “Brave”, a story of  firey haired Celtic Heroine, Merica, earned worldwide total of $535,383,207, and was thirteenth highest grossing film in 2012! It was pretty evenly matched between both male and female movie goers too.

Even though she’s been called a “Smurfette” (ie token female), Scarlett Johansson was pretty awesome as Black Widow in “The Avengers” . For a female character WITHOUT superpowers she was pretty damn dangerous with that … tiny…little… … ….gun…. (really, I know I blogged about this before, but taking out those HUGE aliens with that miniscule gun was just a  bit ridiculous, Joss! ) Anyway, Black Widow was SMOKIN and The Avengers is THE THIRD HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE OF ALL TIME! Not ALL  of that  $1,511,757,910 came from a guy’s “Green Lantern” wallet you know! I can’t find any actual statistics, but I’m willing to bet that pretty darn close to half that revenue came from Tardis shaped purses!   Geeky women like myself  love action movies and love even more to see leading women represented in the movie as being just as awesome as leading men! Not only that, but anyone who watches “Big Bang Theory” knows that geeky men like watching strong female characters too. A whole lot.

So, HEEEELLLLOOOOOOOO HOLLYWOOD! WAKEY, WAKEY! Women heros are COOL! AND we want more of them!

Top Ten Reasons why Lori Grimes needs to be Whacked


(Spoiler alert. If you didn’t see the season finale, numbers 3 and 2 are not for you!)

I love the show, but quite honestly, I actually don’t LIKE many of the characters. I think Daryl would  be the only character I’d shed a tear for. Of all the characters left to us, though the one I most want to see made into pate’ for Zombies is Lori. Here are my top ten reasons to slice and dice her:

10. First thing she did was play the damsel in distress and jump into bed with the Alpha male for protection.  Loser.

9. Speaking of protection, she obviously wasn’t using any.

8.  If Andrea’s a good shot, she SHOULD be defending the camp and not made to feel guilty about not doing the dishes. What century is this again?

7. If you’re going to go to all the trouble of secretly getting abortion pills, you DON’T leave them out on the table for your husband to find!  Not too bright.

6. There are zombies out there for crissake!   What kind of mother loses track of her kid EVERY DAY during a zombie apocalypse? She’s not even drunk or playing bingo.

5. Rick asked her opinion THREE TIMES on what to do with that kid in the barn. Her reaction “whatever you think is best honey!” (MAJOR EYE ROLLING going on here now.)

4. She’s a terrible cook. Did you see that chicken she brought up to Beth? Ew. Poor girl would rather die than eat Lori’s cooking.

3. She’s a horrible shot. I don’t think she got a single zombie in that herd, and they were so thick you could have hit them with a carny rifle.  (You know, the kind at the midway used to shoot little red stars out of paper? They’re so off  you couldn’t hit Godzilla with one of those.)

2. “Kill Shane, Rick! He’s dangerous, Rick! “  “EW! You killed Shane Rick! You repulse me, Rick!” She’s mental!

1. She’s too skinny. She’s half zombified already.