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So “King of the Nerds” Crowns a Queen!




Really TBS?

Granted I didn’t watch all of this first season of “King of the Nerds”, but when my daughter saw that yes, girls can play too, (which of course is a PLUS for the show)… she did ask me why the show is called KING of the Nerds.  When a girl actually WON the show, she again asked me why they didn’t call  her QUEEN. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a QUEEN crowned KING since the Egyptians crowned Hatshepsut  Pharaoh somewhere around 1479 BC.


As far as “reality” shows go, this one’s not TOO bad. The TBS show hosted  by Revenge of the Nerd  celebs Robert Carradine


Toronto ComiCon 2012 - Robert Carradine

Toronto ComiCon 2012 – Robert Carradine (Photo credit: TonyFelgueiras)


and Curtis Armstrong and the competitors varied from NASA employees to comic book experts and video game fanatics. What I liked about the show is that I thought  these contestants are genuine, real, likable PEOPLE. I’m more than a little tired of seeing plumped up lips, inflated boobs and small dogs being carried in designer purses. I also liked the fact that it was pretty evenly matched between men and women. I’m not sure about the ending though. It seemed to come down ultimately to a “prom queen” popularity contest which seems somewhat ironic. Granted I DID think Celeste was a kinder person and if she is serious about  getting out there and being a spokesperson with kids then she may be a better choice. HOWEVER Genevieve DID work her butt off and she pulled through in many a challenge. A really bright girl, but just not as personable. (At least that is how the situation is painted for us viewers. Who knows the “reality” behind the “reality” show.


Toronto ComiCon 2012 - Curtis Armstrong

Toronto ComiCon 2012 – Curtis Armstrong (Photo credit: TonyFelgueiras)


So anyway, it’s a cute enough show that actually seems to celebrate nerdom I don’t mind tuning into for the fun of it and I think with a second season in the works it’ll really take off.  I just think if the competition involves both men and women they should have called it something else. Maybe next year they’ll turn the tables and call the show “Queen of the Nerds” and it’ll be won by a guy?